5. The Calling
6. Nyctophobia
7. Going Down
9. It's Too Late

10. Break The Cell

1. Destruction of Man

2. That Ain't Me

3. Feel It

4. The Calling

​5. Losing Grip




June  20 2017

​ Alright update on everything that is going on with the band. We have found our new drummer Milo Dylan. We are excited to have him on board and we can't wait to start rocking the stage as a trio again. Also Destruction of Man Deluxe Edition will release in July. We have two shows coming up on the same day July 15. One at 3pm for Broken Goblet Fest then later that night at the Red Room in Mcstews located in Levittown. 

1. Fire

2. Sinner

3. With my Fists

4. Tyranny Ends

​5. Slave

​6. Rise


7. Judgement Day
8.. Your High
9. More
10. Symptoms of the Times

11. I am You

12. Through the Fire