1. Destruction of Man

2. That Ain't Me

3. Feel It

4. The Calling

​5. Losing Grip



7. Judgement Day
8.. Your High
9. More
10. Symptoms of the Times

11. I am You

12. Through the Fire



Oct 23rd 2017

​Our next release will be this Thursday. All the songs that we will be releasing revolve around relationships. The album is called "love, lust, loss and loathing" We are taking a different approach with this album as you will get to witness the creation of the album via live recording sessions and releasing of songs like a show to a season until the album is complete. So please Join us weekly as we continue on with our journey and venture into new musical territory.​

5. The Calling
6. Nyctophobia
7. Going Down
9. It's Too Late

10. Break The Cell

1. Fire

2. Sinner

3. With my Fists

4. Tyranny Ends

​5. Slave

​6. Rise