1. Fire

2. Sinner

3. With my Fists

4. Tyranny Ends

​5. Slave

​6. Rise

7. Judgement Day
8.. Your High
9. More
10. Symptoms of the Times

11. I am You

12. Through the Fire

July 18th 2018

​A lot is going on we are currently in a competition called Next to Rock you can vote here http://www.979x.com/2018/06/25/next2rock-2018/  for our song your Naughty Side.

We have a show coming up July 28th at Bar 2300 and we also released a single from our upcoming album Osmium called "Break Away" click here to listen 

As always stay tuned for more info to come.


1. As Bad As You

2. Breaking Point

3. Morning Summer

4. What you have done

​5. What do you want 

​    from me




5. I'll Be There
6. Victim of Love
7. Your Naughty Side
9. Nevermore

10. Wick Games