May 1st 2018

We have tons of music available for free and for sale across various streaming services with plenty of ways to hear our music. Our next performance will be at Jersey Shore Festival. We will be releasing teasers for our new album yes you read correctly new album so soon you ask after we just released Love,Lust,Loss and Loathing well yes. Due to the change in the entertainment industry we are trying something a little differently otherwise known as "whatever sticks" to stand out. That's all for now until next time here is our new single


1. As Bad As You

2. Breaking Point

3. Morning Summer

4. What you have done

​5. What do you want 

​    from me

7. Judgement Day
8.. Your High
9. More
10. Symptoms of the Times

11. I am You

12. Through the Fire


5. I'll Be There
6. Victim of Love
7. Your Naughty Side
9. Nevermore

10. Wick Games



1. Fire

2. Sinner

3. With my Fists

4. Tyranny Ends

​5. Slave

​6. Rise